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IdeaMARSON d.o.o. is a company that specializes in production of plastic products using vacuum thermoforming process. We supply a wide range of export companies with products developed and manufactured primarily in the field of technologic transport packaging used in electro and car industry. Our basic competitive advantage lies in our complex process  approach from an idea to the final product.

Our products

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Technological Anti-static Trays - EDS Trays

Technological anti-static trays (ESD Trays) are used more and more for electronic circuits in electro and car industry ...

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Technological Transport Trays - Workpiece Carrier

Such packaging requires  high quality materials which are highly resistant to injuries and allow multiple use (modified PS, ABS, ASA, ...) ...

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Larger Plastic Storage Containers

We also produce larger plastic storage containers for different needs in engineering and construction, for larger medical devices and specific technical products ...

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Fire Extinguisher Storage Containers

The production of fire extinguisher storage containers is a rather specific area because highly specialised materials ...

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Containers for Medical Equipment

Products intended for medical purposes represent yet another specific area in our production programme ...

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Commercial Pedestals and Racks

We manufacture various racks and pedestals for commercial purposes ...

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Blister Packs

Blister packs are used mostly for packing technical products ...

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Gardening Programme

We offer a wide range of plastic gardening products for growing flowers and vegetables ...

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Concrete Moulds

We offer a variety of shapes for specific needs in construction for professionals and amateurs ...