For over 25 years Marson company is active in the production of plastic products using vacuum thermoforming process. Our beginnings go back to a garage where we started manufacturing blisters for technical products. With time our company has progressed and today we manufacture highly complex industrial packaging for car end electro industry as a developing supplier.
Our basic competitive advantage lies in our complex process approach from an idea to the final product. Technological equipment and our professional team enable us to satisfy high market demands in terms of rapid response and high quality. Last but not least, our cutting-edge technology and materials facilitate an active and responsible attitude towards environment in terms of material recycling.

Technological Transport Trays and Anti-static Trays

  • BSH Hišni aparati, Nazarje
  • NOVEM, Žalec
  • AET, Tolmin
  • ETA, Cerkno
  • DANFOSS - TRATA, Ljubljana
  • DOMEL, Železniki
  • MAHLE-LETRIKA, Šempeter pri Novi Gorici
  • ROTOMATIKA, Idrija
  • ALDA, Škofja Loka
  • HELLA SATURNUS, Ljubljana
  • SG AUTOMOTIVE, Slovenske Konjice
  • ELEKTRON KNEZ - ELRAD, Gornja Radgona

EU Exports

  • ANPAC, Švica
  • EURONEWPAC, Italija
  • MELECS EWS, Avstrija

Blister Packs

  • FIRŠT Rototehnika, Velenje
  • KEMIS PLUS, Radomlje
  • PEC, Maribor

Techical Products

  • KLIMA Celje, Celje
  • HIPEX, Lesce
  • Gasilska oprema BOŽIČNIK ZVONKO s.p., Maribor

Containers for Medical Equipment and Electronics

  • ISKRA Medical, Otoče
  • Laboratorijska tehnika BURNIK, Vodice
  • VACUMTEH, Ljubljana
  • INTERDENT, Celje
  • KOVAL, Loka pri Žusmu